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As time marches on, the skin on your face begins to show signs of the wear and tear over the years, losing its fresh glow and becoming more marked by blemishes. At Gynecologic Surgery and Menopause Solutions, Francisco Garcini, MD, understands the importance of looking and feeling your best, both inside and out. That’s why he offers the Halo™ laser treatment to his patients in New Lenox, Illinois. To bring youth and vitality back to your skin, call the office or use the online scheduling tool.

Halo Laser Q & A

What happens to my skin as I age?

As you age, there are several forces that come into play when it comes to your skin. At the head of the line is the natural loss of collagen, which provides the tone and elasticity in your skin. This loss is perfectly natural and can be especially pronounced after you pass through menopause.

Second, your skin protects your body from the outside world admirably, fighting off harmful bacteria and shielding you from the elements, namely the sun. In this role, it withstands a fair amount of abuse, which inevitably takes its toll.

Finally, gravity begins to weigh in. As your skin loses its natural firmness and tone, the thin layer of fat below the surface of your skin begins to migrate downward, leaving you with sagging and drooping skin.

How can the Halo laser refresh my skin?

After researching the many laser products for skin rejuvenation, Dr. Garcini settled on the Halo laser because of its versatility. The Halo delivers both ablative and nonablative energy to tackle both the surface of your skin and deep below. The energy refreshes the surface with the ablative energy, which clears away old skin and spurs healthy new growth.

Beneath your skin, the laser energy goes to work by signaling a mild healing response, which comes in the form of renewed collagen production, firming your skin from the inside out.

The Halo is extremely effective against:

  • Discolorations
  • Sun damage
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Enlarged pores
  • Poor texture
  • Fine lines and other signs of aging

The Halo effect leaves you with glowing skin that radiates good health and youthfulness.

How many treatments do I need?

Ultimately, the number of treatments depends on the size and depth of the issues you want to tackle, but you usually need between one and three. Since the minimally invasive procedure doesn’t involve any downtime, you don’t need to make any special accommodations before or after your treatment, other than protecting your new skin.

When will I see results?

Your results are both immediate and gradual. Within 2-5 days after your treatment, your skin will have a fresh glow. Then over the following weeks, you’ll notice increasing results as your body’s collagen begins to ramp up, and you flush out the old skin cells.

To bring a fresh, new look to your skin, call Gynecologic Surgery and Menopause Solutions or request an appointment using the online scheduler.