BBL: Everything You Need to Know About Broadband Light

BBL therapy, Gynecologic Surgery & Menopause Solutions

You have a full schedule and an active life, so wouldn’t it be great to take care of more than one cosmetic problem during the same session? That’s what you can count on when you receive treatment with BroadBand Light (BBL™) here at Gynecologic Surgery & Menopause Solutions.

Our team specializes in rejuvenating skin treatments that are completely customized to meet your specific cosmetic concerns, whether that means eliminating age spots, spider veins, and unwanted hair, or tightening your skin. We’re available to answer your questions and to provide a skin consultation, but in the meantime, here’s what you need to know about BBL.

BBL treats multiple skin conditions at one time.

BBL is a cutting-edge device that uses broadband light to treat multiple cosmetic problems at the same time. The secret to its versatility lies in its innovative technology that we use to change the wavelength at any time during your BBL session.

Wavelength determines the type of cosmetic problem that’s treated. Although other types of lasers can be set to operate at different wavelengths, a single laser can only deliver one wavelength at a time. It’s effective, but it targets one specific problem at a time.

By comparison, the BBL system is equipped with one-of-a-kind technology that the manufacturer, Sciton, calls Smart Filters. As the BBL emits a broad range of light, we can seamlessly change the filters during a single session, which adjusts the wavelength and allows the BBL to treat a variety of skin conditions during the same session.

Using these wavelength options, we can fully customize each patient’s treatment to target specific cosmetic concerns, including:

Hair removal looks out of place on that list because photofacials typically only treat pigmentation-related skin problems. But we can also set the BBL to target the pigments in hair follicles to permanently eliminate unwanted hair.

Here’s how skin lesions and hair follicles are eliminated.

When the BBL is turned on, its light energy is absorbed by specific pigments, depending on the filter applied and the wavelength used. That means the targeted problem, whether a freckle, spider veins, or a hair follicle, absorbs the energy while the surrounding skin remains unharmed.

As the targeted pigments absorb the light energy, they’re heated to the exact temperature needed to make the pigmented cells break down. After they’re destroyed, the waste is eliminated, so your skin problem is gone for good.

When you have brown spots treated, they first crust over, then flake away. If your treatment targeted blood vessels and rosacea, the waste is naturally absorbed and eliminated by your body.  

BBL tightens skin and improves texture.

BBL is best known for offering exceptional photofacial results and for hair removal, but it also delivers another benefit: skin tightening.

The BBL’s light energy reaches below the skin’s surface, where its gentle heat stimulates collagen production. This boost in collagen rejuvenates your skin as new skin that begins deep below the surface migrates upward to replace old skin at the surface.

After a BBL treatment, your new skin is stronger, tighter, and has a more even texture. You’ll also notice that fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed away as fresh collagen-rich skin replaces your old skin.

All the benefits with none of the downtime

The BBL has a built-in cooling system that keeps your skin comfortable throughout your treatment. Even though you’ll feel the flashes of light, most patients find that the procedure is easy to tolerate. However, we realize that each patient has different degrees of sensitivity, so we can provide a numbing cream to ensure your comfort.

One treatment only takes about 15 minutes or a little longer, depending on the body area being treated. For example, hair removal over a large area takes longer than treating age spots on your face.

After your session, your skin may be slightly red, but that should go away in a few hours, so you don’t need to plan for downtime — you can get back to your usual routine as soon as your treatment is finished.

To learn more about BBL treatment, or to find out whether it’s the treatment you need to rejuvenate your skin, call Gynecologic Surgery & Menopause Solutions, or book a consultation online.

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